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We have contributed to a vast amount of succes stories over the years and are proud to share some of these. Not only have we provided commercial pilot services and flight instructions but we have also performed audits for flight schools to make sure they comply with national CAA's to the highest possible standard.


Below you find a small selection of students, colleagues and customers what they had to say about our work.

Lesley F.

I truly have enjoyed my training with you

Towards the end of my training with Hummingbird Helicopters ! I had a new instructor assigned to me, Floris Lasonder, I have loved my flying but Floris found and brought out the best in me.

Being a more mature person this was fantastic. Floris is very kind, knowledgeable and very professional in his teaching. Thank you Floris for helping me to attain my goal my PPL(H) in the R22 and then my Type rating in the R44. It has been a real pleasure learning with you.


Ex Student

PPL(H) Holder

Alex F.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere

I first met Floris in August 2019 when he was assigned as my primary FI for my PPL (H) course to carry out a majority of my flight training and oversee my progression through the course. I found his training style to be one which incited a great level of independence from the outset by encouraging me to actively correct any errors I made instead of allowing me to fallback on him and having him take the controls. With the instruction and oversight of Floris I completed my PPL course in under four months with a first time pass on my skills test after taking my mock test and subsequent consolidation with him. I can honestly say that without the highly professional yet still personal approach shown by Floris I would not have been able to attain my PPL in such a short amount of time which was required by my unique circumstances.



PPL(H) Holder

Rob S.

A supporting instructor

Floris is an enthusiastic, friendly and extremely talented pilot! He’s taught me so much throughout my PPL (on the Cabri G2) & R22 Type rating and his expertise really helped me to grow in confidence as well as skill. He is very patient with pupils and let’s them be on the controls as much as is safe to do so which is great when you are learning to fly, but he also knows when is the right time to take control making students feel very safe and always at ease. I look forward to many more flights with him in the future where we can both gain more experience and become even better pilots.



PPL(H) Holder

Alex G.

A good instructor and nice colleague

Floris is often the first one through the door well before the start of a normal working day; he consistently works hard and is never shy to give anybody a helping hand at any level of employment. No job is too small or too taxing for Floris as he strives to be the best Pilot and Instructor, he has always got good reports from management and senior Pilots as a trusted and valuable member of a flight school. Floris has a fantastic ability to read and understand people, he has an innate calmness about him that shines through when in an aircraft together, he never lets you feel stressed but is consistent in telling you when something is wrong, he always manages to find points for improvement whilst remaining positive and constructive, rarely will you return from a flight with Floris without a smile on your face.


Ex CPL student and colleague

CPL(H), Commercial Yachtmaster offshore and Water sports instructor.


Stuart S.

A pilot who is eager to learn

Floris is a hard working and professional pilot who goes out of his way to do as good a job as he can. He is eager to learn from more experienced colleagues and is invested in being the best pilot he can be. He works well as part of a team but is also a self starter and can get things done with little prompting from others to do so. Working with Floris was a pleasure and I would be lucky to work with him again in the future.


Ex supervising FI and colleague 

Frozen ATPL(H), IR(H), FI(H)

FO Babcock Off Shore


John & Brigitta

For our 20 years marriage anniversary I surprised my wife with a weekend away in Rome, Italy. To make it even more memorable, I wanted to book a helicopter flight and see Rome's famous seven mountains. A friend of mine recommended Floris of HeliFlair to sort it out.

Floris called me back within the hours to confirm the time and because it was our anniversary even arranged transport as a surprise to the Heliport where we were awaited by the company providing the tour.

Everything, from A to Z was taken care off and highly recommend Floris his broker skills. Making any flight possible on a short notice. ~John, The Netherlands


My friends and I were on a holiday in Northern Italy to experience the amazing scenery. We came to the conclusion that there were a lot of helicopters flying around and were wondering if we could get up in one. One of my friends knew Floris from HeliFlair and so we gave him a call.

Floris asked to sent the details of our request bij e-mail and shortly after we received a phone call that he booked us on a experience tour over the northern lakes and a something ' special '. Not knowing what that ' something special ' was we got on our flight and experienced the breath taking views. Our surprise was a lunch with the boys on top of a mountain with a view on a glacier.

Floris takes his service to the next level. I highly recommend Floris of HeliFlair to arrange your flights and experiences. ~ Dannique, The Netherlands


For a flying school in the United-Kingdom we had to ferry a Cabri G2 from the United-Kingdom to France. Not only was Floris able to provide the service on a short notice but also delivered the helicopter according to our tight schedule. Floris is a professional pilot and made from our nightmare (getting the machine down south on a short notice) to a dream. I highly recommend everyone Floris his expertise and skills as commercial helicopter pilot. ~ Christine, United-Kingdom


My flight with Floris was a marvellous experience. Floris is polite, professional and skillful. From his safety briefing before take-off to our landing, Floris made me feel at ease at any stage of my flight experience.

Floris took me over 3 counties of England, indicating points of interest and making sure I enjoyed my hour in the Helicopter. His landing was very impressive to me. Smooth, precise and right on target. I would thoroughly recommend any person or company to hire Floris as their pilot. ~ Andrew, United-Kingdom


As soon as I booked my introductory flight with Hummingbird Helicopters, I received a first class service from them and from Floris. This was my first time ever in a helicopter and my pilot Floris, was calm and professional putting me at ease and made it an experience to remember.

Floris ensured every detail was of the highest standard. From explaining me how the controls worked, getting an insight into talking to the tower to pointing out all the landmarks. We got to fly over my local area of Doncaster which gave me an opportunity to see it from a completely new perspective, an amazing bespoke flight with an amazing service from Floris and the team of Hummingbird Helicopters. I will definitely come back ! ~ Alice, United-Kingdom

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